Visual Merge 4.5

Visual file synchronization and version merging tool.

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Have you ever had troubles combining two versions of the same document? If you had, you should know how tedious and error-prone this task is. You check your files line by line, then copy it from one window to another, just to find out that you accidentally removed an important paragraph or failed to notice some subtle differences. VMerge is a program designed to help people in merging files.
VMerge compares files, displays them side by side highlighting the differing sections and lets the user decide which section will be taken into the output file by a single mouse click. The program provides a special mode for comparing and merging tabular data. Features of the program include directory comparison, post-merge editing, drag & drop, toolbar, line numbering, position bar, auto-walk mode and file navigation functions. The program is specifically designed to aid the process of software integration when you need to merge two concurrently developed versions of the same source file.

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  • Table comparison mode
  • Directory comparison
  • Line numbering
  • Position bar
  • File navigation functions
  • Text search
  • Auto-walk mode
  • drag&drop, toolbar

Operating environment:

  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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